For some time I have been dreaming of hitting the road with a bike and a tent, a few clothes and the intention of exploring what it means to connect. At first I wanted to cycle to Thailand, then I wanted to cycle round the northern hemisphere, then I wanted to cycle round the whole world! Trying to understand why I want to do this has been like trying to predict the future. I do not know where it might lead or who I might meet or what I might find out about myself. But I hold firm to the belief that this journey is about connection: It is about connecting to myself and my inner compass, understanding who I am and what I can contribute in this life. It is about connecting to people along the way; to new friends and old, to communities, to strangers, and both witnessing and being witnessed in our parallel but connected journeys. Finally it is about slowing down that mental traffic and allowing the time to connect to place, to nature to awaken my senses and intuition to what is of meaning, what is in balance, what chimes true and authentic and what is needed of me.

For years it has seemed to me that The Earth is in crisis. That it is heading towards crunch time as humanity pushes the planet’s ecosystems, climate systems, oceanic systems and human systems to boundaries beyond which no one really knows what could happen. But anyone without an ulterior motive will tell you that it is not going to be pretty…not for any body. So we hurtle towards this dark looming question mark with our eyes and attention constantly gravitating away from the challenge of systemic change, and towards our daily, monthly, yearly life challenges which for sure are enough to keep anyone occupied. I do not believe that we don’t care enough to do something, I believe we lack the belief in our ability to realise what we can do. On this journey I am planning to stay with intentional communities that are practising and prototyping new ways of doing things which offer an alternative path to the one we are on. From low impact living, collaborative consumption and permacultural principles, to consensual decision making, building resilience through community, education and activism.

I do not know how long this journey will last, I do not know how it will evolve. For the moment I have only planned to stay in the UK simply because I have to start somewhere: And the best place to start is on my own doorstep, indeed in my own county. I hope to bring a lot of the personal into the posts I share on this blog. I hope there are some new insights, some funny stories, great pictures, useful links and above all an honest account of this journey. Enjoy 🙂


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